Model 1800 Semi-auto Thermo-Vacuum Forming Machine



Product Overview

ECOMAC 1800 Has a superior function of a packing machine, and if you use a wooden form, a plaster cast and a metalic mold, you can use this as a molding machine.

And we adopted the elevator plus one-touch control, you can use this machine easily in factory, office and home. By using these, you can pack as your purpose.

We adopted the elevator plus one-touch control And the function improved.

# Lowprice

# Compact

# Easily operation

# High-safety operation



The size : 360 mm x 500 mm

Packing capacity : 3 min/once

Power supply : Heating furnace 3 phase 200V 2.4kw / Motor 1 phase 100V 1.3kw

Machine size : 955(L)x1,280(W)x575(H)mm

Weight : 110kgs

Small Part packing tool Parts Packing Tool
PCB, Car audio packing Packing small parts tools

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