SEC CO., LTD. designs and manufactures industrial X-ray inspection system and scanning electron microscope. Established in 1991, SEC pioneered e-beam control technology and served most advanced inspection & analysis system to customers for laboratory research and quality assurance. SEC prides itself on observing today’s ever-changing needs for its customers by providing the most advanced and efficient technology in order to meet customer’s production demands. Additionally, our goal is to provide the best service and attention to detail in order to exceed our customer’s needs in a constantly evolving, technological environment.

X-Ray machines for inspection of BGA, CSP, Flip Chip, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Plastic Molds, Die Castings, Automotive Parts

X-Eye SF Series


X-Ray Inspection Machine for Semiconductors & Small Parts Analysis

· High Performance Open Tube X-Ray Inspection Machine for Semiconductors and & Small Parts Analysis, 160 kV, 1 µm Focus, max. 3200x Magnification.

  • Auto Area Calculation (Void, Solder Ball), Auto-Teaching
  • Table AFT (Auto Focus Tracing) Function
  • Perfect Navigation Function (Dual Vision Camera)
  • 6 Axis (X, Y, Y-aft, Zt, Rotation, Tilt) 3D Inspection Function
  • Sample Weight 5 kg max.
  • Safest Design of External Leakage Dose (< 0.5 μSv/h)
  • CT Scanning Module (Option)

X-Eye 5000B


  • Best Optimized Highly Functional X-Ray Inspection Machine for SMT Area, 90 kV, 5 µm Focus, max. 400x Magnification
  • High Resolution of 1Mega-Pixel Image Arrangement
  • Largest Sample Size (460 mm x 340 mm)
  • 5 Axis (X, Y, Z, Rotation, Tilt) Control Function
  • Table AFT (Auto Focus Tracing) Function (Option)
  • High Speed and High Efficiency Inspection Function (Auto-Teaching)
  • Safest Design of External Leakage Dose ( < 1 µSv/h)

X-Eye 3000


Table Top Size X-Ray Inspection Machine for Electronics & Small Parts

  • High Resolution & Performance 90 kV, 5 µm Focus, max. 140x Magnification, Reasonable Cost
  • Largest Magnification in Table Top Size Machine
  • 3 Axis (X, Y, Z) Control Function (Option : Rotation, Tilt)
  • Electronics Parts Internal Defects and Best Optimized for BGA, CSP Short Inspection
  • Provide the Measurement Program

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