The Pulsair industrial tank mixing process works by sequentially injecting compressed air or gas into the bottom of a tank or vessel filled with liquid. Large air bubbles are released on the underside of flat round discs called “Accumulator Plates” that are attached or located at the tank bottom. The Pulsair controller regulates the amount of air, pressure and timing, depending on the type of material, viscosity, and temperature requirements. As the air “squeezes out” between the plate and tank floor, it sweeps out the heavier liquids and solids. The air then accumulates above the plate into a very large, single oval shaped bubble, and as the bubble rises to the surface, a vacuum is created that pulls the heavier bottom liquids and solids up with it; it also pushes the liquid above it up and out towards the tank perimeter, making the liquid move toward the sides of the tank and travel down the tank wall to the bottom. In that way the timed air pulses create vertical flow patterns mixing materials of different viscosities from the top to bottom. This powerful yet efficient mixing process involves the entire contents of the tank and can operate at any liquid level. The Pulsair mixing process is more efficient than mechanical mixers, mixes faster and requires zero in-tank maintenance.

Operating Schematic :


Benefits of the Pulsair Tank Mixing Process :
• Up to 95% more energy efficient than mechanical mixers
• Vertical mixing process suitable for any size tank or vessel
• Uniformly mixes 100% of tanks’s contents at any liquid level
• Eliminates need for separate mixing equipment outside the tank (eductors, mud mixers etc)
• Better tank utilization
• Improves and helps automate operations
Reduce mixing times and eliminates downtime
• Easily maintains homogeneous mixture and uniform temperature
• Low shear mixing protects sensitive products
• Mixes liquids with high % solids & high viscosities
• Eliminates need for costly electrical mixers that need to be explosion proof
• Pulsair industrial mixers will fit any size tank geometry or capacity (5 to 5 million gallons)

Pulsair Tank Mixing System can be adapted to tank shape or configuration :


Types of Tanks and vessels:
• 55-gallon drums
• Rail tank cars
• IBC/Tote tanks
• Large million gallon+ tanks

Applications :

Pulsair Systems has thousands of successful installations in more than 40 countries.



Use Pulsair to quickly and effectively meet your respective when adding additives to your liquid based products.



Mixing adhesives with an industrial mixer from Pulsair is one of the best choices to help streamline production.


Asphalt Sealcoating

Discover why a Pulsair mixer is better suited as an asphalt sealcoating tank mixer than a side-entry mechanical mixer.



Using Pulsair for mixing chemical in any size tank will reduce mixing times, eliminate downtime and use less energy.


Diving Pool Bubbler

Our bubbler system for springboard and platform diving allows athletes to learn harder dives more quickly without injury.


Flue Gas Desulfurization

Pulsair System support all liquid mixing phases in flue gas desulfurization.


Food & Beverages

Our sanitary food mixing equipment allows companies to effectively mix in the original container, yielding a more homogenized mixture.


Industrial Applications

Pulsair Systems has successfully entered many new industrial mixing areas- yours could be next.


Industrial Gases

Discovery why our mixing equipment is the best solution when mixing with gases other than air.


Ink & Pigments

Mixing inks and pigments with Pulsair reduced cooling times, load times, let downs and extensive clean up requirements.


Oil & Petroleum

Pulsair System mixers are trusted by many of the world’s biggest and most respected oil companies.


Paints & Coatings

Along with eliminating repellency & reducing energy, Pulsair helps control foaming, skinning & air entrainment when mixing paints & coatings.


Pulp & Paper

Watch a short demo and learn more about how Pulsair’s mixing systems have been quietly revolutionizing the mixing industry.


Rail Car

Discovery why our effective and efficient mixing solutions help cut costs, stream line operations and lower energy bills.


Seed Treatment

The non-shear mixing application makes the Pulsair mixing process the ideal solution for mixing seed concentrate in totes and other vess.



Mixing slurries with an in-tank mixer from Pulsair Systems helps lower costs by preventing settling and sludge build-up.


Water Treatment

Pulsair mixers can lower energy costs and improving mixing in all phases of the water and wastewater treatment.


Wine Cap Management

Discover why hundreds of wineries are switching to Pulsair for their wine cap fermentation management.

Mixing Products :

Pulsair Systems offers a wide range of liquid mixing and blending equipment designed to meet your mixing and blending requirements. Regardless of the type of liquid and fluids you are mixing or the size and number of tanks you have, we can design custom solutions that fits your specific needs.


Tank Mixer

Pulsair’s Tank Mixer is a versatile liquid mixing system that has efficiently mixed tanks with capacities of over 6 million gallons.


Multi-tank Engineered System

The touch screen Pulsair Programmable Controller (PPC) can control the mixing in an unlimited number of tanks in a tank farm.


Tank Mounted Mixer

The Tank Mounted Mixer is a fixed version of the Portlable Tank Mixer. It can be installed at the bottom of a tank allowing the user greater efficiency and energy savings.


Electronic Tank Mixer (ETM)

The Pulsair ETM offers intermittent mixing settings allowing for even optimal energy savings during mixing.


Portable Mixer

The Portable Tank mixer is a lightweight, hand-held pneumatic mixer that is ideal for mixing smaller open tanks, vessels and basins.


IBC Tote Mixer

Pulsair offers an easy-to-use, lightweight non-shear IBCtote mixer that is lightweight and can be used in any size tote.


55-Gallon Drum Mixer

Pulsair’s 5-55 drum mixer is the most effective and efficient 55-gallon drum mixer for mixing and agitating liquids.


Diving Pool Bubbler System

The SoftWater Landing System is a diving bubbler/sparger systmem the helps to boost diver confidence and safely accelerate the learning of new complicated dive routines.


Railcar Tanker Mixer

Pulsair offers multiple energy efficient railcar tanker mixers that will help increase the heating of the railcar’s contents by 50% and speed up the unloading and cleaning process.


Custom Engineered Systems

Pulsair designs custom engineered systems based on unique tank designs and product specifications.