Torque Control Push Start/Lever Start AC/DC Electric Screwdrivers; Torque Meters, Auto Screw Feeders

Power Controller SK-DU2

Power Controller SK-DU2

  • Input Voltage : AC 110V and AC 240V (Two Selections)
  • Output Voltage : DC 24V and DC 32V (Two Selections)
  • Power Switch: ON/OFF indicator. Two kinds of voltage output: Hi & Lo
  • Equipped with USA plug (equipped with Chinese 3-pin plug, UK plug or European plug etc

Low Torque Trigger Start Clutch Type Series SKD-2000, SKD-2200, SKD-2300

New Technology, ergonomic two-color housings, high temperature-resistant, vibrating-resistant, friendly holder, fashionable appearance, light, good operation, free from fatigue under long time usingSKD Series

  • Low Stable Torque and precision ±3%
  • Small, light body 280g, specially design for the precise needing of tiny screws
  • High tech DC motor made by Japanese materials with high-quality extra strong magnet, low electric current, stable running, high stability and stop as the screw fastened
  • 0-8 stepless torque adjustment, rotation speed selected by switches Hi & Lo or VR (freely adjust)
  • Best applied to Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, Notebook Computers, PDA, DVD, MP3, CD-R, LCD and high-tech computer peripheral
  • Torque fixing ring (KC-4) can be set to fix torque. Slow start is option for necessity
  • SKD-2000 Trigger series meet UL, CE approval and ESD offered on the basis of customer’s need


Low Torque Push Start Clutch Type Series SK-3220P, SK-3280P, SK-3280PF

SK Series

Employ extra strong magnet

  • Fatigue-resistant for long time using, Torque accuracy ±3%
  • Compact, light weight, and easy to operate, improve production efficiency
  • Best fit for Notebook Computers and peripheral operation
  • Torque, fixable wit ha fixing ring (KC-6)
  • Conforms to EMI,EMC international Safety Standards

Torque Meters KTM-100, KTM-10

KTM Series

The torque meters KTM-100, KTM-10 are directly produced by the manufacturer KILEWS in Japan, authorized by Kilews Industrial Co. Ltd. Each product will be provided with an Adjustment Certificate and one year Warranty in normal using. These measuring instruments could not be applied in testing the pneumatic screwdriver products and prohibited in measuring the torque exceeding maximum measuring range of torque meters





Screw Counter ECT-02

Monitor function can effectively count correct bolting-screw and keep from Idly ones caused from poor operation

Screw Counter ECT-02

  • Light, small, holding with electric screwdrivers, and setting at working place with testing at the same time
  • Can be applied to both AC and DC electric screwdrivers
  • As pre-set numbers of screw are reached, buzzer will be automatically sounded
  • LED with clear sight
  • Left screws will be shown. (As work is stopped on half way, buzzer will also sounded, time at 0~30 seconds)
  • ECT can be used for various electric screwdrivers by simple connection
  • ECT can be used for electric screwdrivers, which are available with output signal.
  • Once there is any model cannot be adapted, change of a setup might be required, please contact us as necessary
  • Power Supply : DC Adaptor DC4.2V
  • Size : 80H x 75W x 13D
  • Weight : ~100g

KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder

KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder

· Adjustable to Handle Various Screws

· No Annoying Jamming