LCR HiTESTER 3522-50


Increased measurement speed of up to 5msec !
DC, 1mHz to 100kHz, wide test frequency range LCR meter

  • High speed measurement of 5ms
  • High precision measurement of ±0.08% basic accuracy
  • Interactive touch panel operation
  • Zoom feature for easy viewing
  • Print measurement values and comparator results (option)

This product is not supplied with measurement probes or test fixtures.
Please select and purchase the measurement probe or test fixture options appropriate for your application separately.
For an RS-232C connection: A crossover cable for interconnection can be used. You can use the RS-232C CABLE 9638 without hardware flow control.


Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 6 months)

Measurement parameters

|Z|,|Y|, θ, Rp(DCR), Rs(ESR, DCR), G, X, B, Cp, Cs, Lp, Ls, D(tan δ), Q

Measurement ranges
100 mΩ to 100 MΩ, 10 ranges (All parameters defined by |Z|)

Extent of Measurement Impedance
|Z|, R, X: 10.00 mΩ to 200.00 MΩ (depending on condition)
θ: -180.00° to +180.00°, C: 0.3200 pF to 1.0000 F, L: 16.000 nH to 750.00 kH, D: 0.00001 to 9.99999, Q: 0.01 to 999.99, |Y|, G, B: 5.0000 nS to 99.999 S
(Note: All measurement ranges except for |Z| are for reference only)

Basic accuracy
|Z|: ±0.08% rdg. , θ: ±0.05°

Source frequency
DC, 1mHz to 100kHz (1mHz to 10Hz steps)

Measurement signal level
10mV to 5V rms (1mV rms steps)
10μA to 100mA rms (10μA rms steps)

Output resistance

LCD with backlight display, 99999 (3, 4, or 5 digits unit setting possible)

Measurement times
FAST: 5ms, NORMAL: 16ms, SLOW 1: 88ms, SLOW 2: 828 ms
(typical values for displaying |Z|)

DC bias
Superimposed DC voltage, DC current to source signal (used with the optional DC bias unit and constant voltage or current source equipment)

Comparator, External input/Output (EXT. I/O), GP-IB or RS-232C interface (option)
(Note: RS-232C interface required if used with the Printer 9442.)

Power consumption
Selectable 100, 120, 220 or 240V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz, 40VA max.

Dimensions, mass
313mm (12.32in) W × 125mm (4.92in) H × 290mm (11.42in) D, 4.5kg (158.7oz)

Supplied accessories
Power cord × 1, Spare fuse × 1



High-speed LCR meter with up to 120MHz sampling
High Speed Testing of Chip Inductors and Magnetic Heads in Research and Development

  • Broad Frequency Measurement Range ( 100 kHz to 120 MHz )
  • High speed LCR testing (6ms/sample)
  • 14 Parameter Types ( |Z|, |Y|, Θ, Rp, Rs(ESR), G, X, B, Lp, Ls, Cp, Cs, D (tan δ) and Q )
  • Detachable Head Amp
  • Load Compensation Function
  • BIN ( Classification ) Measurement

A Head Amp unit 9700-10 must be factory adjusted for dedicated use with the 3535 before delivery.
This product is not supplied with test fixtures. Please select and purchase the test fixture options appropriate for your application separately.


Basic specifications

Measurement Items
|Z|, |Y|, Q, Rp, Rs(ESR), G, X, B, Θ, Ls, Lp, Cs, Cp, D(tan δ)

Measurement ranges

1kΩ range
10kΩ range
100kΩ range

Z, R
100mΩ to 2kΩ
1kΩ to 20kΩ
10kΩ to300kΩ

0.66pF to 15.9µF
0.066pF to 1.59nF
4.4fF to 159pF

0.133nH to 3.18mH
1.33µH to 31.8mH
13.3µH to 477mH

-180.00° to 180.00°

Measurement Frequency
100 kHz to 120 MHz ( 100Hz to 100kHz steps )

Basic accuracy
|Z|: ±0.5 % rdg. , phase angle: ±0.3°

Output Impedance
50 ±10 ohm (at 100 kHz)

Measurement Signal Level
5 mV to 1 V, 20 mA max. ( up to 10.00 MHz )
5 mV to 500 mV, 10 mA max. ( above 10.01 MHz )
Setting Resolution: 1mV steps
200 µA to 20 mA: 1 V max. ( up to 10.00 MHz )
200 µA to 10 mA: 0.5 V max. (above 10.01 MHz)
Setting Resolution: 10 µA steps

Measurement Time
6 ± 1 ms (nominal)

Other function
Monitor Function, Limit Function, Average Trigger Function, Load Compensation Function, Key Lock Function, Comparator, Classification ( BIN ) Measurement, Correlation, Compensation Function, Panel Save and Load, Measurement Value Storage, Zoom Display Function, Continuous Measurements, Audible Beeper, Numerical Display, Digit Setting Function, Display Setting Functions, Printer Function

GP-IB, RS-232C and EXT I/O ( standard )

100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA

Dimensions and Mass
Approx. 360W×130H×360D mm, 8.3 kg

Supplied accessories
Power cord

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