Automatic In-Line Glue Dispensers

Elite EM-5701N

Elite EM-5701N


  • Double faceplate operation. Stable construction with bigger components that are less likely to fall out.
  • BGA glue repairs and prevents tin from cracking.
  • Tin and glue added during the process to temporarily fix components.
  • Seal chips by glue (COB).
  • Spread glue on frames of combined components.
  • Spray protective membrane


  • User-friendly interface, Chinese-English switchable
  • LCD monitor, Windows platform with flash instruction makes operation easy
  • Full-color CCD camera, working images and operating interface displayed together on the same screen, providing convenience of operation
  • High brightness white light illumination system gives clearer images
  • Auto-locating faceplate for image processing
  • Mere clicking of mouse to operate all functions : auto, non-auto selection and instructing displacement operation
  • Screen displays the total production, set numbers of production, and time of single-piece producing, making production management easy
  • Detects I/O directly and displays on the monitor screen, maintaining effective control of machine condition.
  • Displays and records error messages and solution
  • Multi-level secret codes for machine parameters and operating functions, thereby avoiding improper access.

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