The Strongest, most durable way to clean.

Developed to meet the increased needs of fine pitch in electronics assembly, CleanMaster FP has the same benefits as DuPont™ Sontara® Stencil Cleaning Fabric, but is designed for fine-pitch SMT manufacturing and advanced screen printing applications.

A renown product that combines High Absorbency with Low Linting for under-screen rolls.

What are the types of fabrics used for stencil cleaning fabric?

Dupont Sontara 8838 (Aperture) & 8836 (Non-Aperture)

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What BENEFITS does it offer ?

  • High Absorbency ~ improves productivity
  • Low Lint ~ improves print quality
  • Good wet and dry strength ~ reduce downtime
  • Cleans Efficiently ~ less quantity of wipes needed
  • Uniformity of Thickness ~ eliminate jamming
  • Low Extractable ~ less contamination

Other advantages :

  • Fabric removes surface and aperture residue of solder paste efficiently insuring full printing of pads
  • Reduce cleaning cycle , increases numbers of boards printed per hour
  • Yield increases 97 % to 99 % (VOC)
  • Less solvent, cleaning materials and paste used – means lower cost. (VOC)
  • Appropriate (longer) roll length.

For other DuPont™ Sontara® products specification please follow this link.

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