Dry Oven Cabinet Baking 40°C T40W-240


Product Overview:

T40W series is a Plug and Play fully auto dry oven cabinet which will be stable at 40°C and < 5% Rh. It is specially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages to meet the J-STD-033B.
With tracing data logger and graph software to record the data of Temperature and Relative Humidity.


Wider Application in Resetting the Floor Life

The moisture sensitivity SMD packages which are exposed to the air and exceed the floor life should be stored in T40W series for resetting the floor life.
For example: If MSD parts of MSD Level 4, 5, 5a with floor life exposure not greater than 8 hours, the SMD packages can be stored at dry cabinet for resetting the floor life. However, if their exposure time is greater than 8 hours, the SMD packages should be stored at T40W series for floor life resetting.

Labor Saving

SMD Packages shipped in low temperature carriers may not be baked in a traditional high temperature oven with the temperature higher than 40°C which will cause the deformation of carriers. Storing in T40W series, operators do not needs to remove the SMD package to thermally safer carriers. It save labor cost and eliminates the chance of damaging the carriers.

Dry Storage

If disconnecting the heater modules, T40-315 will run and maintain at <=5%Rh which is the same as a Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinet.



  • Capacity : 115 L
  • External Dimension : 600 W x 810 D x 680 H mm
  • Internal Dimension : 510 W x 530 D x 420 H mm
  • Shelves : 2 units (Size: 480 W x 510 D x 20 H mm/unit)
  • Power Consumption : Ave. 200 Wh; Max 450 W

Other Models:


Energy Saving N2 Cabinet

AD Series_M

Product Overview:

  • N2 filling will stop as soon as the pre-set relative humidity value reached, so N2 will not be injected stupidly all day long and all the years around. Tremendous waste is saved by our N2 saving design
  • If you have already installed traditional N2 cabinet, you can choose N2 controller to modify your existing N2 cabinet into an energy saving N2 cabinet.





AD Series_466


Alarm Hygrometer HT-1


Product Overview:

  • Able to display clearly the room’s temperature and humidity
  • When the temperature /humidity exceeds preset limits, warning lights and buzzer (optional) will be activated
  • Using PC to plot the changes of room’s temperature and humidity
  • Smart energy-saving design
  • Can be fitted with temperature / humidity management devices such as dehumidifier , warmer and cooling devices

Design for Reminding Calibration

  • The sensors of Temperature / Humidity will occur yearly drift on accuracy. Therefore, we strongly suggest you can send back to calibrate evry year. When the device had flashed by decimal point of LED display, remind you for calibration and please contact us as soon as possible
  • Push Calibration time button to check the elapsed days


  • Optimum Operating Condition for HT-1 Display : 10~40 degree celsius, 15~85% RH
  • Largest Operating Range for Temperature /Humidity Sensors : 0~50 degree Celsius, 10~95%RH
  • Accuracy of Temeprature sensor : +/- 1 degree celsius
  • Accuracy of Humidity Sensor : +/- 3%RH (within 25~35 degree celsius, 35~75%RH)
  • Resolution of Temperature Sensor :<= 0.2 degree celsius
  • Resolution of Humidity Sensor : <= 0.2%RH

Data Logger DL-5-1 and Data Reader (DLR-5-1)

Data Logger_M

Product Overview:

The most Efficient Tools for Temperature and Humidity Management
Data Logger can record H/T data and transfer the data to PC via data reader. And the software Humidity Manager will show the H/T curves.

  • This data logger measures and stores up to 40,000 humidity and temperature records
  • The user can easily set up the logging rate and start time
  • The user can download the stored data by plugging the module straight into a PC’s USB port
  • Statues indication is via flashing green LEDs
  • Combined with software, dat can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications

Data Logger_Desc

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