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'SMT (Surface Mount Technology)'

the experts in SMD technology. From the SMD pick and place machine to the SMD stencil printer. We have been one of the leading manufacturers of automatic pick and place machines for the electronics industry for well over 15 years. Autotronik SMT is a global company with around 200 employees. We are your SMD specialist […]

Component/Chip Mounter, Solder Paste Printer, SRF Lead Free Reflow Ovens, PCB Handling Systems After developing the first Chip mounter in 1989,Hanwha Precision Machinery has become a leadingworldwide Smart Factory solutions provider,offering Surface Mount Technology (SMT) mounters,semiconductor equipment, insertion and assembly automation equipment,Machine Tool, Collaborative robots, industrial automation equipment, and integrated software solutions.We do this to […]

Model VPD-4BT

Automatic Optical Inspection Model VPD-4BT The VPD series is designed to automatically inspect for manufacturing defects post reflow. The series includes 3 machine models for the VPD-6 series. PDT can also offer two models for the inspection post screen printer and post pick & place. PDT is a perfect solution for in-line inspection with wild […]


SMT Stencil Cleaning Machine Model TW20M Model TW20SA Model TW20FA

SMT Line UC-250, UC-250W

PCB Surface Cleaning Machine SMT Line UC-250, UC-250W Operation and Result


Solder Paste Softeners, Viscometers, Reflow Checkers Solder Paste Softeners MALCOM SPS-1, SPS-2, SPS-5 Solder Paste Viscometer MALCOM PCU-200 Spiral Viscometer Solder Paste Viscometer MALCOM PM-2 Spiral Viscometer MALCOM RCP-100 Lead Free Reflow Checker MALCOM RC-100 Reflow Checker MALCOM RCP-200 Compact Lead Free Reflow Checker

Elite EM-5701N

Automatic In-Line Glue Dispensers Elite EM-5701N PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Double faceplate operation. Stable construction with bigger components that are less likely to fall out. BGA glue repairs and prevents tin from cracking. Tin and glue added during the process to temporarily fix components. Seal chips by glue (COB). Spread glue on frames of combined components. Spray […]