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'Hand/Electric Tools'

Air Nipper VA-20

Cutting Pliers, Air Nippers Air Nipper VA-20 Cutting Capacity : 0.8 Soft Wire, 1.2 Copper Wire, 1.0 Plastic Thin Edge Cutting Pliers 105-BS Thin Edge Cutting Pliers Size : 100mm, 120mm Weight : 45g, 60g

Power Controller SK-DU2

Torque Control Push Start/Lever Start AC/DC Electric Screwdrivers; Torque Meters, Auto Screw Feeders Power Controller SK-DU2 Input Voltage : AC 110V and AC 240V (Two Selections) Output Voltage : DC 24V and DC 32V (Two Selections) Power Switch: ON/OFF indicator. Two kinds of voltage output: Hi & Lo Equipped with USA plug (equipped with Chinese […]

Heat Nippers

Heat Nippers, Air Nippers


Precision Lead Cutters, Lead Formers, Pliers, Tweezers, Wire Cutters/Strippers, De-panelling Tools, IC Extractors

Lead Cutter

Lead Cutters, Stainless Pliers, Tweezers