AP&T brand series products include ionizing air blower, ionizing air gun, ion bar, ion nozzle with various specifications are wildly used in semi conduct, encapsulation, opto-electrical, electronics, communication, spray finishing, printing, textile, pharmaceutical equipments, construction material, injection molding industries. Our products have won good reputation of the users and have been used in Japan, Korean, South East Asia, Europe , North and South America.

Ionizing Air Gun AP-AC2456


Product Overview

AP-AC2456 Ionizing Gun is a Small, Light, Fast and Efficient device to provide static proctection for objective surface.
AP-AC2456 ionizing air gun uses +ve and –ve ion interchange technology. Generate a symmetrical ion group on one electrode and delivered the ion to the objective surface with static by compressed air. It can eliminate the static on objective surface efficiently and keep the remain static at lowest level.


– Small dimension, easy to install. High operational flexibility and reliability
– Remove dust at mean time of eliminating static
– Must equipped with power generator


  • Input Voltage : AC 220 V/110 V 50/60 Hz
  • Working Voltage : AC 3500V
  • Power : 25 W
  • Effective Scope : 300 mm
  • Ion Balancing : ≤ ± 15 V
  • Air Volume : 125 NL/min (Pressure 0.2 MPa)
  • Noise : ≤ 45 dB
  • Air Pressure Scope : 0.05-0.4 MPa
  • Working Temperature : 0-50°C
  • Air Connector : 8 mm (diameter)
  • Power Cord L : 3 m
  • Generator : AP-AC-2455

Ionizing Blower (Hanging Type) AP-DC2452-60/80/100

AP-DC2452-60, AP-DC2452-80, AP-DC2452-100_M

Product Overview:

Ionizing Blower is a hanging style ionizing blower product series, which is a reliable and high efficient device in providing anti-static for the target surface.
AP-DC2452 uses the latest technology of ionization model in the world whereas AP-DC2451 Ionizing Blower provides static protection for objective surface of IT, LED, LCD industries. Both AP-DC2451 and AP-DC2452 have two independent positive and negative direct current generators with low current and high voltage are connected to two groups of transmitting pole, generate both polarity ion and arrive to the object surface where the static to be eliminated most equally. Eliminate static and control the remaining static under international standard.
AP-DC2452-60 (2 Fans)
AP-DC2452-80 (3 Fans)
AP-DC2452-100 (4 Fans)


– Fit for eliminating static within large area
– Three independent ion air exit able to be stepless adjusted
– Three set of independent circuit and feedback devices with good stability
– Mask dismountable both front and back side
– Double fan or four fan hanging blower are available according to user’s requirement

 AP-DC2452-60, AP-DC2452-80, AP-DC2452-100_616



  • Input Voltage : AC 220 V/110 V 50/60 Hz
  • Working Voltage : AD 12 V
  • Power : 25 W
  • Discharge Speed : ≤ 2 s (Max. air volume at 300 mm distance from blower)
  • Ion Balancing : ≤ ± 10 V
  • Air Volume : 3*95CFM
  • Noise : ≤ 41 dB. 150 mm from air blower
  • Ozone Thickness : ≤ 0.01 ppm, 150 mm from air blower
  • Working Temperature : 0-50°C
  • Effective Range : 600*1200 mm
  • Weight : 4 kg


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